It’s time to remember awesome you.

“In your Spirit you are amazing. In your Heart you are Loving. Remember Who-You-Truly-Are. Be awesome today.”  … Susanne

 I think that it’s pretty awesome that Science … the former bastion of “If it isn’t 3-D it isn’t real” … is now being confronted with the inexplicable.  They’ve discovered particles that wink in and out of our dimension … and they have no idea where they go.  Stephen Hawkings … one of the pre-eminent physicists of the modern world … has now proven mathematically that there really is no linear time ~only a space/time thing that sounds a lot like the state that the Spiritual Avatars of the ages have described.

Now, I’m very blessed as personal experience has shown me that there is way more to both life and to little-old-me than meets the eye.  I feel pretty fortunate to have had lots of opportunities to witness these “more-moments” … through my kids experiences … through synchronicities given to cynical associates … and through other people’s stories. I’d like to share my very favorite one with you:

A friend’s 3 year old son wanted to spend time alone with the new baby.  Mom was a little nervous about this, however, as she had monitors in the room she agreed.  As she listened from the kitchen she heard her little boy lean over his new sister and whisper: “Tell me about God … I’m starting to forget.”

 I agree with that little boy … I think that we’ve forgotten.  We’ve forgotten Capital “L” Life and we’ve forgotten the awesome Spirits whom we are.  Until the day that authority-figures, society and institutions convince them otherwise … children remember where they came from.  I believe that we can do that too.  Even if “remembering” simply looks like being the very best people that we can be … doing the best in life that we can do … and/or treating other people the way our own hearts wish to be treated … that’s O.K. ‘cause it’s a good start!  I believe that “in your Spirit you are amazing (and) in your Heart you are loving.”  Perhaps today is the day to start Remembering Who-You-Truly-Are.  Perhaps today is the day to be awesome once again.

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)



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