Gardening tips for your Happiness-garden

“The seeds of joy are planted in every person and place in our lives.  It is up to us whether or not we nurture them.” Susanne

 Despite surface appearances I’m not just blindly skipping through life pretending that bad things never happen.  I know for a fact that they do.  You can’t lose a teenage son to a car crash, survive bone-marrow cancer and lose a hip and part of a leg to a Superbug and not get the point that life isn’t always sunshine and light.  However, I admit that I am one of those annoyingly positive people who see every glass as being imminently full.

David Suzuki reminds us to “Think about a seed. Once it lands it’s able to create every part of itself, to grow and reproduce with the help of air, sun and water.”  I think that Happiness and Joy are like that.  Provided that we give them attention (sun) … nurture their continuance (air) … and water them liberally with our hopes, dreams and appreciation then they can … and will … grow and create more of themselves.

Perhaps we need to upgrade our Happiness-Seed Detectors.  Miss Perky says that if more Happiness-seeds were revealed by aforementioned detectors that everybody would then have more opportunities to nurture them and watch them grow.  Ms Sunshine thinks that she should outfit everyone with special Happiness-ray Goggles so that everybody can detect the presence of Happiness particles wherever they may be.  I must confess that the ideas have a certain appeal.

Life has liberally sprinkled said seeds all throughout the world but if we don’t care for them when we find them … or if we choose to ignore them when they show up then they will end up like my garden on a blazingly hot day without the sprinklers on.   The bottom line is that each of us is ultimately the only one who can make the choice to encourage happiness to grow in our lives.  Life has promised to get the Celestial Eye-wear Factory working on producing the Happiness-ray Goggles A.S.A.P.  In the meantime It encourages everyone to keep an eagle eye open for any hints of Happiness or Joy seeds … to plant them in a nice pot as soon as they’re found and to keep them showered with love.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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