Making happy choices

“Look at your actions. Listen to your words. If this were your last day is this how you would wish to be remembered?” … Susanne

 I’m willing to bet that very few people give much thought to the possibility of a sudden demise … and fair enough … I certainly don’t walk around thinking about it.  Having said that I understand all too well that sometimes Life just comes along, picks up and drop kicks you onto a completely new path.  Fortunately … in my case … that new path still entailed having both feet planted in this world rather than the next one!

I know a fair number of people for whom that was not the case … and the ones whom they left behind have been roaming around “What If-ing” themselves to death ever since.  I hear the regrets that litter the ground around people over things not said … or alternatively things said that they wish hadn’t been.  I see the pain in the eyes of those for whom “some day” will never arrive and I think that, that is a darn shame.

Life is precious.  If I passed today I would want my son to be able to say “Mom died doing things she loved.”  I would wish that he knew … beyond the shadow of a doubt how much he is loved and I would hope that his memories of our time together would bring a smile to his face even whilst he missed those times.  If today were my last day I would wish to be remembered as a ray of sunshine and a beacon of comfort and hope.

I live my days now doing my best to be the best that I can.  Miss Perky and our new friend Joy are my constant companions and consequently you almost never see me without a smile to share.  One day I shall return Home … you know that big, Capital “H” Home … and when I do I will have many exciting stories to share … and hopefully … as few regrets as possible. Until that day arrives I intend to dance through this world hand-in-hand with Life … choosing each and every day to make it the best one that I can.  Well got to run … Life and I are off to Samba lessons.  Life says that if we’re going to be dancing we might as well be the hottest number on the dance floor.  I feel another story coming on …

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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