What is love anyway?

“Love is Knowing and Accepting another or yourself unconditionally. Everything else is icing-on-the-cake.”  … Susanne

 Everybody is looking for the big fireworks display … the love-at-first-sight … fall head-over-heels … who-cares-if-I-don’t-know-who-you-are … it’s LOVE kind of love.  I must confess that I too am hoping for a large sprinkling of “destiny” in my next relationship … and fireworks? … well who wouldn’t love a zinger or two in their private moments!??!

For many years I kept proclaiming to the Universe: “O.K. … NOW I’m ready!”  Of course Life was  far too kind to laugh out loud at my head-in-sand approach to myself … so It simply smiled and waited until I figured out … over and over again … that I indeed was not ready for The-Great-(external)-Love-of-My-Life because I hadn’t discovered the great internal love for myself.

Despite knowing that my internal world is always reflected all around me in the outside world it still took me ages to get-it that I needed to be the first one in the queue to applaud and like the great stuff about me.   It took awhile but Life finally convinced me that if I didn’t like and love me … then who the heck would!??!  And further to that; if I was constantly in judgment of myself how could I not judge everybody else!??!

So … after all of this time … I think that I am finally coming to know this person who lives just under my skin.  I admire her strengths and understand her weaknesses.  I applaud her determination and her perky nature and I am in awe of her unceasing drive to deepen her connection to Capital “L” Life.  After all of this time … I finally accept the-me-who-lives-here … and I think I like me … go figure!  As Life predicted the vanishing of my previous triggers and self-judgments has made it is so much easier to Know … to Accept … and to like others just as they are.  What a nice feeling this is …  and finally … everything else is simply icing-on-the-love-cake.

Arinaste Everyone


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