Happiness follows when you’re true to yourself

Happiness follows when you are true to your own Heart, speak your own Truth and live in harmony with your Spirit.” … Susanne

There are a lot of people wandering around who think that they know how everyone else should be living their lives. We have become so accustomed to someone in a position of authority telling us everything that I know a lot of people who get up each morning and the first thing they do is switch on the weather station to see what it’s like outside… which makes me wonder why we have windows!

Whilst the weather-man may be handy to fill me in on the upcoming temperature and moisture trends I have found that there is no-one who knows what is best for me but me. Close friends may have a pretty good idea of the kinds of things that increase my Happiness-Quotient but even they do not have the ability nor the responsibility to “make” me be happy. I’m responsible for that one … all on my own.

In my life I’ve searched under a lot of rocks but nothing brought Happiness racing to my door as effectively as clearing out the old patterns, dramas and beliefs. It often took a lot of courage for me to look the Truth right in the face but wow … what a difference it made! I didn’t always want to acknowledge that What-Was really was happening … but once I did … it cleared the fog right out of my life.

You see … even though it took me awhile … I finally figured out that I am actually happiest when I am being true to my own Heart … anything else is simply trying to make someone else happy. Inside of my Heart lies the Truth of my Spirit and my connection to awesome Life. When you spend as much time dancing with Capital “L” Life as Miss Perky and I you soon realize that the beauty of life … and of Life … lies in living in harmony with who you truly are … not what anyone else thinks that you should be. Polly is perky, Sue is filled with Sunshine and I am a happy camper because we have learned to harmonize our notes and Heart with that of Life … from this place anything and everything is possible.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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