Be Free. Be fearless and fly!

“Let your Heart lead. Let your Spirit fly ~and let your mind be the servant whose job it is to cross the T’s and dot the I’s.” … Susanne

 I have watched with great sadness as those who have become lost in the “i”-dotting and “t”-crossing of their lives have seemingly also dedicated themselves to “dumbing down the world”.  I don’t believe for one minute that the children who are being born today are less intelligent than previous generations … if anything I think that it’s exactly the opposite.  Perhaps it’s because these bright little souls are so aware of the Truth of what they see, hear and feel … that those who live in fear and rule through control feel a tremendous pressure to convince them that they don’t know-what-they-know.

I believe that for all of us who have already survived … more or less … the indoctrination of governments, educational institutions and religious fanaticism … that it is our duty to start speaking up in defense of… not only our children and grandchildren … but of all those for whom the right to feel their Heart … to speak their Spirit and to live as their Beingness dictates is in constant jeopardy.

Capital “L” Life is awesome.  You have only to look up at the night sky to get a teeny-tiny, little glimpse of Its incredible creative power.  I believe that it is time for us to start paying a little more attention to some of that awesomeness and a little less attention to the seemingly unlimited number of silliness’ in the world.  I think that it is time to remind all of those external … and internal … “authority” figures that we would prefer it if they would keep their i-dotting and t-crossing little opinions to themselves!

It is time for all of us to look inside and find our own Perky Polly’s and Pete’s … to sit in the Celestial sandbox with our own Sunshine Sue, Sam, Said or Sakura and to ooh and ahh as we listen to Life’s stories of The Universe.  Yes indeed … it is time to let our Spirits fly and to allow our beautiful Hearts to open wide and follow Life’s lead … no matter what strange, star-filled vistas It may lead us through.  Today is the day.  Now is the time.  This is your moment.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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