Life is precious

“Live your life as though each moment counts ~because they do.” Susanne

 There are a lot of people in the world who have undergone or are currently experiencing painful and/or traumatic events.  Given a chance I’m pretty sure that every single one of them would tell you what a precious and beautiful gift life is … how much we need to cherish it and the ones we love  … and how much more frequently we need to express those feelings.  Every survivor of tragedy and hardship knows these things … and every one of them wishes in their hearts that you could know these things as well … and preferably without having to undergo the same level of pain as they did.

Having taken the long journey through Medical Crisis Land I can tell you with great certainty that life is indeed precious … and that life without pain … even more so.  I knew right at the beginning of this safari that the odds were good that I might get eaten up by wild animals on the way.  So … I made a decision.  I decided to enjoy every moment as much as I could … even if that only meant literally smelling the roses or simply sitting in the sunshine.  I knew that infinitely more moments weren’t guaranteed … so every single one counted.

I am very fortunate in my traveling companions.  I have awesome friends and family who … despite their own fears and misgivings … have always agreed to abide by Miss Perky’s Rules of Good Conduct … well at least in my presence anyway.  I have an inner landscape populated by an enthusiastic Celestial Clean-up Crew who regularly don their Emotional Hazmat suits to assist me in cleaning up the old neighborhood.  There’s Ms Sunshine … who loves sharing her collection of snazzy rose-colored eye-wear. And last but not least I am blessed and thrilled to walk around hand-in-hand with Capital “L” Life.  Yes.  Yes.  I know that Life ambles through the world with everybody … I’m just thrilled that we’re such good friends! So … if you will pardon me I’m just going to take a moment to savor how awesome  …and precious life is before carrying on.  Tally-ho!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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