Maintaining an Attitude of Gratitude

 A life filled with almost limitless variety is one of Life’s many gifts to us.An Attitude of Gratitude is our “Thank You” in return. Susanne

I am such a chatterbox. Long before Perky Polly made her official debut I was famous … or should I say infamous … for regularly chatting Life’s large, Celestial ear off. Legions of Angels have perfected their ability to vamoose at the first shout of: “Susanne’s coming”. Gosh … you’d think that they’d be grateful to have someone who is willing to catch them up on all the news wouldn’t you!??!

When I was little I used to wonder why people didn’t just chat regularly to Life themselves. As an only child I was well acquainted with the loneliness that comes from spending endless, long hours alone … so Life and I just kind of got into the habit of sharing. I’d chitter-chatter about little girl things …. ask questions about the confusing adults around me and regularly say “thanks” for all of the “good stuff”. Funny how that last one hasn’t really changed all that much. I still say “thanks” all of the time … it’s just that now that I’m all-growed-up ~the Good Stuff is a little bit different.

This whole Attitude of Gratitude thing is working out really well. It fits right in with my belief that your life flows to where your attention and energy are going. I thank friends when they call … when they buy me coffee … and just for being the awesome people whom they are. I taught my kids to say Thank You … on the assumption that they’d need those Appreciation Skills when they got out into the world. So far … so good. In each moment I can always find at least one little thing for which I am grateful and it certainly seems like the more gratitude I share with Life … the more awesome life there is to share. From the biggies ~like being in remission and being able to walk again … to the little things ~like having a sunny day I am happy to be able to experience the almost limitless variety that Life has plopped down here for our enjoyment. As I believe that life is as good … or as bad … as our next thought or point of focus I’m doing my best to be the loudest soprano in the Thank-You Chorus. Hey … was that a flock of angels I just saw rushing out the back door?

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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