Finding calm in a hectic world

“When the world is shouting ~Pause. Breathe. Strive to Understand. Speak Truth quietly.”  Susanne

 There are so many opinions in the world.  There are so many beliefs … and there are just so many darn “Shoulds”.  The news shouts non-stop.  Political figures shout whiles they’re posturing and special interest groups shout to be heard above everyone else.  It’s enough to make your head spin.  How is anyone supposed to make sense of it all?

I have found that the Turtle-Method-of-Calmness works well for me.  My shell is the sense of myself that I have won through my trials and challenges.  Like my mentor … the turtle … I carry my shell with me … which then allows me to pitch a Tent-of-Calmness wherever I happen to be.  Within my little place of calm I can sit and consider what the noise is all about.  Then … when I’ve finished my deliberations … I can poke my head back out into the world and quietly speak my Truth.

I must confess that sometimes the incoming volleys of abrasive news make such a ruckus that the noise rattles my shell and disturbs my oasis of calmness.  At those times I often forget to pause … the only breathing going on is rapid-fire … and Understanding takes a back seat to venting … not a pretty sight!  Fortunately for me … and everyone around me … Life always bravely leaps into the fray … reminding me of why it is that we pause before we speak … loving me anyway … and sitting with me inside my now quiet space.

Everyone is going to find their own “Method of Calmness”.  For some it may be an Eagle’s-Eye-View method of gaining perspective whereas others might really like the Retreating-Into-My-Cave style of maintaining sanity.  You’ll know your special space by the calmness that you find there and the ability to breathe in an otherwise hectic world.  Invite Life to come and sit for a spell … It’s got this great knack for Understanding the world even when we don’t.  And when you and Life have finished chatting you can come back out and share what you’ve discovered … the world could always use a little more quiet Truth.

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)


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