Making the choice for Happiness

“In each moment you are free to choose. You can choose to be happy right now ~or you can choose to wait.” Susanne

 I have met a lot of  people in my travels.  I’ve met unhappy ones who drag around yesterdays sorrows, wounds and fears like they were a sack of gold and … I’ve met people who … one bright day … wake up from their sleepy walk through the world … finally see their backpack of woes as the ball and chain that it is … drop it … and run.  It’s not that they never remember the things in the past that made them sad … they just make a shift in perspective.  They choose to see themselves as a Whole person who experienced those things but is not owned by them.  In effect they become a Whole-New-Person … in all meanings of the word:”Whole”.

Every moment is like a brand new morning.  When we wake up each day …. or alternatively when we step into the next moment … we have the opportunity to leave the old-stuff behind us and embrace something brand new.  We can choose to continue to allow old things to get under our skin … or … we can choose to become a duck and let them slide on off.  It really is our choice how we respond.

Now just because my inner Perky Polly walks around everywhere with me doesn’t mean that I never get annoyed or displeased.  This is … after all … life on Planet Earth.  But Miss Perky and I understand that whether or not we stay annoyed has everything to do with us and almost nothing at all to do with the other person.  If I choose to leap into the fray and have a grand old-time thrashing about in someone else’s Pity-Pool or Vent-Session … well that’s simply up to me isn’t it!??!

All-in-all I’d have to say that this taking-responsibility-for-myself thing is working out really well.  I have learned that if someone is determined to be a Grumpy Gus or an Annoying Alice I have the freedom to say: “No Thank You” and politely walk away.  Nice! I think that this approach makes all of us a lot happier … well …for sure it makes me a lot happier … and as my kids used to say: “A happy mom (/person/spouse/partner/insert appropriate word here)  is a go-o-o-o-o-d thing!”

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone!


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