Choosing to make today brighter

“Your life may have had rocky spots but what you make of today is your choice.” … Susanne

I once attended a lecture in which the speaker was talking about how to change our lives. He said: “I have many people who come to me and say things like: ‘I’m so messed up because my mother used to stand over me and force me to eat my vegetables.’ I reply: Is she standing over you now forcing you to do things that you don’t like?” Not a bad question actually … I see lots of people who are so occupied with looking backwards … pointing their fingers at past occurrences …. and placing the blame for their current unhappiness back there that they forget to look at what is going on now.

 Now I’m not saying that bad things don’t happen in life. I’m not saying that everything that has occurred in my life has made me stunningly happy. What I am saying is that if I let those challenging circumstances … those less than desirable moments … or those seriously dysfunctional people determine how I act today then I am giving them way more power than they deserve to have …and I’m simply not willing to do that!

It has been my experience that the foundation for how we feel on any given day takes place first … not in our surroundings … but rather inside of ourselves. Ford said: “Whether you think you can or think that you can’t you’re right either way.” There are grave conditions everywhere in the world and whether they are physical, emotional or financial I can tell you that there are those who still see the glass as half full and those who are defeated at the get-go … same circumstances … different internal choices.

 I’m pretty happy these days. I’m not wondering the halls of the hospital (that’s a huge plus!) … I can walk and drive again … I have friends and family who love me … and the darkness that accompanied many of my previously, extremely challenging times seems to have … for the most part … receded into the past. There may still be rocky spots to come but I have learned how to focus my attention and energy on the joys of today and the possibilities of tomorrow. With Miss Perky holding one hand and Life holding the other I am walking forward understanding that I may not be able to control the arrival of aforementioned spots … but how I deal with them is always going to be my choice.

 Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)


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