Gratitude – the yummy topping on the good stuff of life

“Gratitude is like the syrup on a big stack of pancakes ~life just wouldn’t be as sweet without it.” Susanne

 It’s really easy to find things to complain about … let’s face it … whose life always runs perfectly with no glitches whatsoever?  I’m reminded of this unfortunate fact each time I hear the news, surf the net or listen to a gaggle of people in the grocery store line-up.

I have learned that … even more important than the perfect running of my life … is my attitude about what’s going on now … what occurred in the past … and what I anticipate and hope will happen in the future.  If I’m walking around all grumpy, disappointed and expecting the worst I have found that Life seems more than happy to oblige me and fulfill my dismal expectations.  On the other hand when I drag the Celestial Clean-up Crew into my inner world … clear out the trash and ship yesterday off to its rightful place in the past Life is … once again … more than happy to fulfill my new, brighter thoughts about the future.

I have discovered that being grateful about even the teeny-weeny, little things creates a perpetual-energy-machine-of-good-stuff.  The more grateful I am about things that are already present … the more good things Life drops into my life … it’s a cycle that just goes on and on … and it ‘s one that I really like!  Life is enjoying my Attitude-of-Gratitude as well … so it seems to me that this Mutual Gratitude Society that we both belong to is a keeper.

Sunshine Sue just received  a new shipment of her new and improved Gratitude Detecting Eyewear … and she’s letting me be the first one to try them out.  So far the two of us have uncovered numerous, previously undiscovered sources of Joy … and therefore of Gratitude.  Miss Perky is jumping up and down demanding equal and fair eyewear treatment and Life is so busy laughing It can hardly hide even more gratitude-inducing-occurrences in our path.  Arinaste everybody and may gratitude overflow in your day like yummy syrup on a huge life-sized pile of pancakes.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying


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