Creating Happiness ~from the inside-out

“When you believe that your happiness depends on someone or something other than you ~you give your power away.” … Susanne

It has been my observation that there are a lot of people in the world who are giving their power away to someone or something else.  Sometimes it’s a societal thing … sometimes it’s institutional or religious indoctrination … and sometimes it’s simply because we don’t know anything different.  If our role models never learned the fine art of Boundary-Maintenance … how could they teach it to us?

It seems to me that we’re all running around trying to find external sources of happiness because we never learned how to keep the wellspring of the unmitigated-joy-of-childhood alive.  Now I know a lot of people who are sputtering: “But my childhood wasn’t happy!  A, B, and/or C did things to me so I couldn’t be happy.”  And, whilst it is true that way more children than I would ever wish to see have very unhappy and sometimes downright dangerous childhoods if you go back far enough … even if that means infancy … there is a Joyful spark inside of them.  Pretty much all babies smile.

So … somewhere between the smiling-and-still-connected-to-Life baby stage and here things happened.  Now the question is: ”What are we going to do about that?”  Well … as I haven’t found a way yet to go back in time and change the scary and/or unfortunate things that happened to me I have learned to clean up the fall-out instead … that way my internal landscape looks less like a war-torn disaster and more like the welcoming countryside that I desire.

I am happy to report that this experiment in cleaning-up-the-mess-left-by-historical-interactions is working really well.  The more the Celestial Clean-up Crew and I clear out the internal junk the better my outside world looks.  The clearer the internal atmosphere gets the easier it is for Life to send me happy news flashes.  So … the long and short of this is that I am no longer looking for something … or someone … outside of me to make me happy.  I have learned that I have all the ability and power inside of me to do just that.  As my late son would often say: at 3 years of age: “I do by Self!”

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)


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