Healing and Gratitude – the keys to a brighter tomorrow

“Yesterday is a memory. Tomorrow is a hope and a dream. Now is where we can affect the future and heal the past.”… Susanne

I was absolutely shocked a couple of weeks ago when I heard myself explaining to someone how I had “lost” my hip, femur and 4 years of my life.  “Why was I shocked” you ask?  It was because in that instant I discovered that, even though I had successfully completed my trip through Medical Crisis Land I apparently had not healed the scars of that journey … in reality I was stuck in grieving.

I’m a big believer that looking back leads only to the recreation of more of the same … so you can understand why I was pretty horrified to find out that my inside self’s gaze was still firmly locked on this particular, challenging aspect of my life.  I realized that it was time for me to sit myself down and have a serious … but loving … chat with myself.

After calling in my good friend Life and the Angelic Counseling Crew … and indulging in a big group hug … we set about bringing aforementioned fragmented, inner-self into the present … reassuring it that today really is a good day … that we really are building a pretty nice tomorrow … and that although yesterday is indeed gone/”lost” … it has contributed in a positive way to who we are Now.

 Yesterday’s events are memories now.  Some of those memories are carried in and on my body and when I look in the mirror I can see them like pictures in a photo album.  Thankfully I know that it’s what I do about them that really makes today … and tomorrow … a good day or a sad one.  I’m learning to see the scars and give thanks that Life saw fit to Grace me with a new life … new opportunities … and new chances to move ahead.  An Attitude of Gratitude fills my Now … heals my past and lays the foundation for a great tomorrow.   “Thank you inner-self for reminding me of the huge trip we took together and thank you Life for your awesome assistance on aforementioned trip!”

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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