Dream big. Have faith. Act “as if”.

“Pre-pave your road to a bright future ~dream big today.” … Susanne

Nothing gets done without dreams.  Moms know this ~they dream of happy children, a good relationship and being the best that they can be.  Kids know this instinctively ~ they dream of flying high, being superheroes and being even better than the best they can be.  Decent, inspired leaders know this ~they dream of leading nations to better times, inspiring those following them to have better lives and of being the best that they can be.  Nothing gets done with dreams

 It really doesn’t matter whether your dreams are the big, world altering ones or the simple, make-your-little-patch-of-Earth-better variety because all dreams that come from the Heart have behind them the power and support of your awesome Spirit.  If your mind can conceive of it your Spirit … co-creating with Capital “L” Life … can make it happen … and all you have to do is dream and have faith.

 Faith isn’t about looking around you at the 3-D world and deciding whether or not the appearance of things seems favorable.  It also isn’t about some pie-in-the-sky idea that little-you has no control or input in your life.  Faith is about “acting as if”.  When you act as if your dreams are already here … despite any appearances to the contrary … you walk yourself forward carrying your dream future with you.  And when your dreams are that real … Capital “L” Life just wants to leap in and help them come true.

To assist in this process Ms Sunshine has equipped us all with one of her latest, new inventions ~spiffy, dream clarifying eyeglasses.  Now … not only do Miss Perky, Ms Sunshine and I look really cool … it’s also super easy for us to see the awesome synchronicities that Life keeps sprinkling in our path.  I’m dreaming big again.  I’m dreaming of flying high, being happy, being the best that I can be … and helping others to dance down this road with me.  I’m wearing the glasses … I’m acting as if … and even better … I’m dancing the co-creation dance with Life.  The future definitely looks bright.

 Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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