Love – food for the body and soul

“Breathing is the life of the body and love is the life of the soul” … Osho

  A human being can survive a few minutes without oxygen … 3 -5 days without water and 30 – 50 days without food … proof positive that Osho is correct … breathing is pretty darn important!  But what of love?  If you perceive love to be simply a quantity that is manufactured by the greeting card industry then it’s probably something that you can live without.  However, if … despite any grumpy or cynical protestations to the contrary … you believe that love is as indispensable as the aforementioned Oxygen … then you would probably be correct.

About 100 years ago … in what can only be described as horrible circumstances researchers found that 99% of babies who were living in orphanages … well fed and clean but deprived of touch … died before they were 7 months old!  Thankfully the stark conditions of a century ago have mostly disappeared; however, even today research shows a direct correlation between lack of touch and behavioral and emotional problems. (see:  So … is love important?  Oh yeah!!

Osho says that “Breathing is the life of the body and love is the life of the soul”.  I would say that love is far more than simply that.  It has been my experience that love lifts me up out my sometimes funky state when I’m down.  It gives me hope in a sometimes seemingly hopeless world … and it provides me with a strong foundation from which I can leap out and accomplish almost anything.

As long as I’m open to receiving … Life provides love in a seemingly infinite variety of venues.  It rarely looks like I think that it’s going to … and it never looks the same twice … but despite that it’s always recognizable.  I really like how love … real love … is so non-judgmental.  It doesn’t matter if it comes from within me or is directed towards me the warm fuzzies of non-judgmental love are one of it’s very best features and one at which  Capital “L” Life excels!   Life is such an awesome role model that these days I’m doing by best to be just like It … so … if you feel a cool, loving breeze blowing … it’s probably just me dashing by … sprinkling love sparkles  on all and sundry … and trying to keep up.

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)


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