Turning up the volume on radio station H.E.A.R.T.

“Do the things that make your Heart sing louder. Fill your days with the music of your Soul.” Susanne

It is a sad fact that as we grow older ….as we become adults … as we are trained to leave the joys and ideals of childhood behind … more often than not we stop hearing and listening to our own inner knowing.  The funny thing is that we’re born connected to Life … even when we’re not aware of it we walk through this awesome world connected to Life … and when we die we return to Life.  How come there is so darn much forgetting going on in the middle part of things?

When I watch infants I’m always amazed at the way their eyes seem to look right into me.  I love seeing them start to connect-the-dots that link the things that they see in the world with whatever understanding it is that their souls brought into their tiny little bodies.  When my kids were wee I did my best to allow and even encourage them to keep those connections alive and well.  Like all of us … sometimes it worked really well and sometimes not-so-much.  The good news is that I have discovered that it’s never to late to reform those awesome connections to Life … to our Hearts and to Joy.

Over the last few years Life has taught me to clean out my ears … turn up the volume of radio station H.E.A.R.T. … and fill my days with Joyful noise.  I like it!  Miss Perky, Ms Sunshine and I now spend our days dancing!  My life is good … Life keeps sending more people my way to join in this exciting, new dance … and I am thrilled to hear all their new music and learn all their previously unknown-to-me dance steps. We’re becoming quite the “Flash Mob” of Joyful-Living.  If you see us … let your Heart sing louder and come on over and sashay around the floor with us … we’re all looking forward to meeting you!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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2 Responses to Turning up the volume on radio station H.E.A.R.T.

  1. inspire1life says:

    Beautiful post. Thank you for your encouraging words. 🙂

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