It’s time to shine, shine, shine!

“It’s time to shine! Let your awesome Spirit light up the world. Hand out sunglasses to those who complain.” … Susanne

 There are so many opinions in the world about how everyone should think, feel and act.  Every political party … religious organization … and authority figure is convinced that they and they alone have the final answer on what is right … and sadly … a great many of them are willing to use varying degrees of force to ensure that their will is the only will that counts.

I’ve been doing a lot of watching these last few years and it seems to me that although each person may have a reasonably good idea about what thoughts are right for them … how they wish their lives to proceed … and what path they feel is the right one for their own heart … they have forgotten that every person must be free to walk their own path … in their own way … or we become nothing more than a society of pre-programmed robots.

With so much upset in the world and so many loud voices clamoring to be heard it seems to me that it is time to remember how to hear the voice of our own Heart and Spirit.  In a world filled with chaos and upheaval Capital “L” Life is calling on each and every one of us to be true to Who-We-Truly-Are … rather than who-everyone-thinks-we-should-be … and to shine … shine … shine.   Everybody’s light is going to be as unique as they are so whether you shine in a big way or a small one … it’s all good … because shining the light of your Spirit is always setting a great example for others.

Miss Perky is really excited at the prospect of sharing her “perk” with even more people.  Our latest resident: Joy, is gearing up for … well … a joyful time and Ms Sunshine has invested in sparkly eye-wear for all those wishing to “Spread-the-Love” and in dark shades for those wishing to grumble about the increased light in the area.  Come join the party as Life and I gear up for sunny days … sparkly evenings … and awesome sharing.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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1 Response to It’s time to shine, shine, shine!

  1. Wonderful Susanne!!! Love it!! Everyone on their own journey. Beautiful!!

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