A life well lived

“Fear of the past is like a HAZMAT suit that shields you from harm but never lets you experience new beginnings.” … Susanne

 According to Statistics Canada the average lifespan these days is almost 81 years old!  Wow … that’s a lot of years.  During that life you will probably experience highs and lows … really easeful moments and hugely challenging ones.  At the end of things … looking back and reviewing everything that was said, done and experienced … will you be wishing that you had spent less time wrapped up in fear or will you be able to consider this to have been a life well lived?

Somewhere during my long walk through Medical Crisis Land … when my regular mode of transportation broke  down … the rain turned into a deluge … and  the maps and road signs floated away in the flood … I learned that “the only thing to fear is fear itself”. (“Thank you” Franklin D. Roosevelt)  During those soggy days when my whole world turned itself upside down I realized that I had a choice … I could either crawl through whatever time I had left … overwhelmed by fear … or I could walk forward for that same period of time with my head held high and my resolve and love-of-life intact.

Well I guess it isn’t hard to tell which one I picked.  My awesome friend Capital “L” Life kept sending amazing people my way to give me course corrections and help me to find new roads and paths.  Perky Polly traveled pretty much the whole way holding onto my hand to give us both courage and Sunshine Sue did her best to substitute pretty umbrellas for snazzy eyewear whenever possible.

Fear is now like a bogeyman that sometimes rears its ugly head and then slinks out of the room when greeted with our unenthusiastic response.  The Celestial Clean-up crew and I have donated our HAZMAT suits to the Universal Recycling Centre and it looks like sunny days are ahead.  There are so many new beginnings happening that I sometimes need to give my head a shake … nonetheless I’m a very happy little camper!  Well got to fly … the girls and I are off to shower Life with tons-of-hugs … and who could say no to that!??!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


About embracingchoice

Motivational Speaker, Author, Tweeter & Blogger (lovin' it!!) ... Owner & Leader of The Compassionate Advantage (http://www.compassionate-advantage.com)
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