Be a wild surfer of Life – Celebrate the Joy

“Carpe Diem ~Seize the Day. Make the most of each moment. Celebrate the Joy therein. Give thanks for your life.” Susanne

It’s easy to find things to be miserable about.  It’s really easy to find things in the world that are scary and it’s even easier to find occurrences and situations in the world that are sad.  The real trick is to find the kernel of beauty that is hidden inside of each of these: like a pearl in an oyster.

We’ve become accustomed to being surfers … wildly adventurous … or timidly clinging to the surfboard … but surfers nonetheless.  We bounce across the surface of Life sampling the highs and lows of life-here-on-Earth … almost never taking more than a cursory look at the incredible beauty in the depths beneath our feet … and almost exclusively aware of only the calm surface or the tsunamis within our lives.

I think that, sometimes we don’t look too closely because that much water swirling around underneath us can be pretty darn scary.  At other times people don’t look at the incredible depth of Life because they feel so small and ordinary in comparison … but you know what?  I never get the impression that Capital “L” Life thinks of us as small at all … and I believe that’s because It sees only the true, awesome beauty of our Spirits.

So … maybe it’s time to put on a pair Sunshine’s Sue’s special eyewear and take a good, hard look at this vision of ourselves that Life sees.  Perhaps it’s time to stop surfing the surface of our lives and to Carpe Diem … to seize this moment … to seize every moment.  I believe that it is time to … not only cut ourselves some slack … but also to celebrate the beauty of our amazing Spirits … the ones who have been waiting inside of us all this time.  Why not try it out?  Just for one moment … one glorious moment … celebrate the Joy that is inherent in your Spirit … and remember …  give thanks for your life!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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