Dancing on the unfolding path

“As I walk forward Life unfolds the Way before my feet and all I have to do is be aware of each moment.”Susanne

When I was young I used to run everywhere!  I had energy to burn.  I walked fast … I talked fast … and just did everything fast.  My poor mom … I don’t think she could have kept up even if she’d been a whirling dervish herself … but God bless her … she certainly tried hard.  After one particularly trying day … where nothing went right and the high energy kid (that would be me)  had broken more knickknacks than not …I summed up my quandary with life in one sentence: “I want to sit still mommy … but I just can’t!” Welcome to life in the high-octane lane.

 Well … you know what they say … “What goes around comes around.” … and so … 25 years later I found myself with my own little Tasmanian devil to contend with.  I used to say: “It’s like looking at all those things that I couldn’t fix in me … walking around and made manifest right in front of me.”  Capital “L” Life has a wicked sense of humour!  It would seem that Life had provided me with the great opportunity to race down the other side of the path watching and learning from a whole different perspective.

As a child Perky Polly and I ran and laughed and danced with Life.  As a mom I ran after my mini-me, navigated the steep learning curve that I found myself on and danced with Life.  H-m-m-m-m I think I’m seeing a pattern!  After many experiences … some better left UN-experienced … I have finally found my way to a really nice plateau.  I’ve come to understand that Capital “L” Life isn’t only dancing the dance with me but is also simultaneously playing the music and creating the dance floor … unfolding “The Way” if you prefer.  I like this new staging area … from here … as long as we remember to be aware of our surroundings and moments … Miss Perky and I can see forever … and after all that’s come and gone … forever is looking mighty fine.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



About embracingchoice

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