Choosing to create a brighter tomorrow

“Whether you are reliving your past in your thoughts or visioning a new tomorrow you are creating right here and right Now.” … Susanne

 There are big changes afoot in the world.  You have only to read the news or surf the net to get that message loud and clear.  It seems that almost every country is in the midst of a struggle … and everyone is feeling the teeter-totter pull between the way-things-have-always-been and moving into an unknown …  different … but perceptually brighter tomorrow.

 I see these changes all around me.  It seems that nothing is staying the same anymore … and perhaps that is a good thing.  I’ve never really been a big hanger-on to the old ways of doing anything … and all those people camped out in the Don’t give-up-the-Past Campground make me uneasy.  I would run through the park with a big pair of bolt cutters snapping the balls and chains … but the last time I tried that I got chucked out on my ear by an angry mob shouting: “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!”

 Now I am the first person to tell you that moving out of my comfort zone is still challenging.  I have learned; however, that if I’m patient … sit with myself for a little while … let the old fears and resistances bubble to the surface … and then give them all a big reassuring hug … that my body relaxes … my Spirit sings … Perky Polly begins to bounce again … and I am ready to brave the next set of challenges and changes.

 If my trip through life has taught me nothing else it has taught me that if I’m not constantly clearing out the old junk from yesterday and staying focused on a brighter tomorrow then I am just going to keep on recreating more of the aforementioned junk. So … I have invested heavily in Celestial-Clear-Vision stock … am in the process of a friendly take over of the Keep-an-Eagle-Eye-on-the-Future Eyewear Company … and have purchased a large quantity of surfboards with which to surf the changing conditions.  Got to run … Life says that a) the surf’s up … b) the water’s warm and c) It’s ready to co-create something amazing … Kowabunga!

 Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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