Life is NOT a race

“We need to start remembering that life is not a race to see who gets to the end first ~it’s meant to be experienced … enjoyed … and appreciated.” ... Susanne

 Everybody is in such a rush!  Travelers are rushing to get to the airport on time.  Children are rushing to grow up.  Adults are rushing to finish work so that they can relax.  What the heck happened to enjoying, appreciating and even just plain old seeing life?

I’m sure that at this point my friends are all laughing … pointing their fingers … and reminding me that this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.  O.K., O.K.  I admit it … I’m ADHD and like most other ADHD people I have always been able to cram more into 24 hours than most people manage in a week.  I used to make most people tired just listening to what I had planned.

It took me a long time to get that it isn’t how much I jam into a day that counts towards life being good … it’s how good and happiness-making the things are that make the day count.  I lost a son and a father to car crashes … 1/3 of a lung to a fibrotic tumor that was so rare that the specialist wrote it up in a journal … a hip and a femur to a Super-bug and four years of my life to aforementioned bug and cancer.

I must be pretty hard-headed because it took a lot for me to see-the-light.  However; I finally Understand that the only thing that racing through life gets me is a First-Place ribbon in the Who-Can-Get-Through-And-Out of-This-Life-First contest. Oops!  These days I still get more done in a day than most people I know … but that’s O.K. … because I know that whilst the outside view of my life may look the same … on the inside I am enjoying every moment and allowing the aforementioned First-Place ribbon to go to the next enthusiastic contender.

Arinaste Everyone (From my heart to your heart)


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