Overcoming the past

I am more than my past. I am a beautiful Spirit learning to dance in the world.” … Susanne

Each person has the inherent right to find their own way in life. It is each person’s purpose to follow the calling of their heart. How is it that so many people have forgotten this most simple of facts? How have so many come to favour control over understanding, consideration and love?

Each country has its own unique cultures. Every religion has its own moral imperatives .. and the scary thing is that whilst originally all of our differences were causes for conversation and interest … these days differences seem to be ample cause for attack. Now what sense does that make?

I’d love to say that I have always been squeaky clean … making awesome and judgment-free decisions … unfortunately … like many people … it took me awhile to figure out that all that judgmental stuff was just making everyone’s life harder than it needed to be. Fortunately Capital “L” Life decided to stage an intervention.

So … four years, one new hip and a reset to Divine Factory specs later … not to mention a massive time-out from the busyness of life … my outlook on life has definitely been upgraded. I’ve done a lot … I’ve been through a lot … and I am more than all of it. Miss Perky, Ms Sunshine and I are keeping busy. If we forget the dance steps … or if Capital “L” Life invents a whole new dance … we know that we don’t need to worry because we are all parts of a beautiful Spirit and we are enthusiastically learning to dance in the world.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone’s


About embracingchoice

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