Choosing to be more

“When things go badly don’t use them as an excuse to hide ~use them as a reason to move ahead.” … Susanne

Life doesn’t always deliver to our door the wonderful news that we would ideally like to hear. Sometimes the news looks like T.V. broadcasts of troubled spots in the world.  At other times it is the medical diagnosis that surprises, shocks and frightens us. 

No matter what the source of the news though, one thing is certain … it is how we come through the tough times that contribute to who we will become even more than the news itself.  As adults it is our choice to face the tough times with our heads up … even though it may be challenging … or to give up and allow circumstances to wash over us like waves on the ocean.

I spent four years walking down roads without signs … following maps with no names … and searching for a way Home.  I came out the other side of that little adventure feeling really blessed! “Why?” you ask.  Well .. because a) I never felt alone on those roads, b) Whilst the learning curve may have been steep my steel-toed climbing boots were personally designed by Life and c) the aforementioned trip … and Life … catapulted me into the person whom I am today.

These days I have given up my need for maps.  Life taught me how to access the Celestial life search engine so I can pretty much check-in on my position ~relative to everything … on the fly.  Miss Perky maintains our positive and appreciative attitude and now that my body has been reset to Celestial Factory specs I figure that I’ll be good for years.  Life says It has another adventure in mind for us and the word on the street is that this one is going to be jam-packed with funHoozah!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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