It’s time to take a Road Trip back to You

“In your Spirit you have always been free.   It’s time to Remember how to dance. It’s time to be YOU again.” … Susanne

 All around the world we are seeing it.  The news is full of it.  Governments are resisting it. The same-old, same-old, dyed-in-the-wool, stuck-in-the-mud controllers are protesting against it and I am loving it.  “What is it”?” you ask? It’s the return to being free … the return to Being Who-We-Truly-Are.

We … as a people … have forgotten.  We have forgotten Who-We-Are.  We have forgotten our roots.  It no longer matters how this great forgetting came about … it only matters that we begin the journey of Remembering.  Just as when we are planning a long trip … we need to start rooting through our internal attics … digging out the old maps and trip-journals … and parking ourselves in the sunshine so that we can ooh and ahh over the pictures and reports of people and places that we once knew so well.

Here … on good old Planet Earth … there seem to be a great many people whose maps have been torn … burned … or simply tossed out the window … and for some unfathomable reason those are the ones who want to lead the pack.  Go figure!??!  The good news is that our most-excellent tour guide … Life … has just taken delivery of a brand new skid of Return-to-the-Land-of-You maps and more are arriving every day!

I can hear Perky Polly in the background joyously yelling: “ROAD TRIP!!!”  Like a lot of us she always enjoys a great adventure … and she and I can think of no greater one than re-discovering our awesome Spirits … too-long buried under the debris, opinions and fallout of society’s long, dark, rainy and fear filled night. We are both in agreement … it’s time to take the trek to the fabled land of Shangri-la!

In your Spirit you are always free.  In the land of your Spirit you are a bright, shiny light who is looking for adventures … and in aforementioned land Capital “L” Life is the greatest trip planner ever!   Grab your Safari hats, hiking boots and cameras everybody and prepare for the most awesome adventure of your life.  Capital “L” Life has a full itinerary planned to help all of us to shine again and it’s time to roll on out.  Whoo-Hoo!

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)


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2 Responses to It’s time to take a Road Trip back to You

  1. lionfou says:

    Very eloquent…..

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