Making choices and wearing a hardhat

“If other people throw pebbles in your path it’s your choice whether or not you step over them, blow them up or transform them into boulders.”Susanne

 I have never met anyone who hasn’t had at least one challenge in life.  The world is a pretty diverse place and every nation … every religion … every political system … and every organization all seem to have a very firm idea about the right way that pretty much any situation should be handled.  My response to all of that “Shoulding” is: “That’s nice … but it’s really only your opinion.”

I keep coming back to this freedom-of-choice thing.  It seems to me that Capital “L” Life plopped us all down here on good-old planet Earth … not so that we could evolve into one big homogenous mass … like a blob of Jello … but rather so that we could ooh and ahh over the different and unique viewpoints that each of us has.  If It wanted us to all look the same … walk the same … talk the same … and think the same It could have just dropped us into a Celestial Mix-Master and poured us out the other side … but It didn’t!

 Like most people I’ve met my fair share of know-it-alls … you know those people who just know what the best thing would be for you to do, think, say or feel!?!  I’ve noticed that most of The Knowers are not having a really jolly time of it and I can’t decide if they’re trying to fix my life because theirs is such a mess or if they’re merely chucking pebbles out of spite. In the long run it doesn’t really matter which one it is because it’s what I decide to do about aforementioned pebbles that makes or breaks my day.

These days you can pretty much always find me decked out in a pair of Ms Sunshine’s ever-popular Minimizing Sunglasses.  They help make almost any pebble or opinion shrink to a manageable size.  For the really stubborn ones Miss Perky has a hard-hat and a jack-hammer lashed to her belt.  So … between the girls and I we seem to have keeping … or putting … things into perspective down to a fine art.  What a relief!  Life seems to be enjoying itself despite having to duck and weave as the chips fly out of Miss Perky’s rock-breaking endeavors and we are all very happy campers out here.  If you feel like breaking a few rocks of your own Perky Polly says she’d be happy to loan out her jack-hammer … you simply have to ask.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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