Trading Stories and Drama for Happiness

“Break the bonds of drama and illusion ~let go of old conditioned responses and others opinions and be free.”  … Susanne

I have been noticing lately how attached many people are to their stories.  You know the stories that everybody tells themselves about Who-said-what-to-whom … or How-person-X-ruined-their-life … or How-nobody-understands-how-hard-their-life-has-been.  And of course the stories don’t stop with individuals … oh no! You have only to watch the news to see the stories that countries tell themselves and the kind of trouble that makes.

The problem with wandering endlessly through Story-Land is that the aforementioned stories tend to pile up and pile up until it’s hard to tell what is actually going on versus what the drama says is happening.  Now I understand that sometimes some pretty terrible stuff is said and done … and I’m certainly not suggesting that it just get swept under the carpet!  In fact just the opposite is true.

It has been my experience that if I stuff the upsets and little grievances out-of-sight they seem to have a big party down in the dark. When they finally break down the door and come pouring out there are way more of them than I remember … and then the fur really flies! So … I have come to the conclusion that it is way better if I simply speak up and let people know the Truth of how I’m feeling … right in the moment… both the good and the not-so-positive stuff … then there’s no opportunity for any grumpy, hidden, late arrivals to throw in their 2 cents worth.

Since the last adventure in Medical-Crisis Land I am busy rediscovering myself.  The good news is that pretty much all of the old Drama, Illusion and Stories bit the dust during said trip … perhaps it was the chemotherapy … 😉   Whatever the reason I am greatly enjoying seeing the world through new eyes.  It turns out that Capital “L” Life was right … judgment really does cloud one’s vision … who knew!??!  So … these days I’m learning to speak and understand a new language … it’s called the language of Clear-sight.  It turns out that it’s really my native tongue … in fact … it’s everybody’s native tongue! We simply forgot how to speak it as we wandered through the fog of so many fascinating stories.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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