It’s time to shine!

“You aren’t here to be like everybody else.  You’re here to be You and it’s time to shine!” Susanne

There’s a lot of pressure in the world to conform.  Schools want their students to be automatons because it’s easier to teach them that way.  Governments want their constituents to be yes-men (or women) because it’s easier to govern them that way.  Religions want their parishioners to believe that their way back Home is the only right way because it’s easier to control them that way … But what about what is best for you?

 I love looking at little kids … especially the little ones who are still under the age of five.  Before people convince them to ignore the Truth of Life in favor of the truth of the world … before authority figures step in to run the show … and before they lose their gut-level knowing of Who-They-Truly-Are … our children are still connected to their real roots … they still Remember.

I think that it’s time for us to take a page out of our kid’s books.  I think that it’s time for we adults to turn around and look deep inside ourselves and rediscover the inner children whom we have forgotten … forsaken … and just generally ignored … because that’s where the secret to our true power lies.  Our inner children Understand that Who-We-Are is not dependent on Who-Everyone-Else-Is … in fact just the opposite is true.

When we are newly-arrived-in-this-world … we all simply are.  We are our own beautiful and awesome Spirits come to play in the world … and we are Life’s gift to the world come to share our unique perspectives and ways of Being.  No-one is here to be a robot, a clone or “just like everybody else”.  Every single person is here to share the light of their Spirit -~no matter what that may look like … to dance through life with Life ~in their own wonderful way … and to shine, shine, shine!  So grab a pair of Ms Sunshine’s awesome and snazzy sunglasses … turn up the wattage on your Heart’s spotlight … and let’s go dazzle the world.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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