Be You ~Turn on your Heart-light

Never give up who you truly are just because someone else can’t stand in your light. Be true to who you are and shine on. … Susanne

Have you ever noticed how it’s the loudest voice that often seems to hold the floor?  Isn’t it interesting that it’s the guys (or girls) who are the most willing to use violence to achieve their ends who dictate so much of the world’s policies?  And isn’t it sad that when the gentle voice … the peaceful voice … or the compassionate voice speaks up that they are dismissed as out of touch with reality or as a heretic!??!  In the end the result is almost always the same … fear and control are cemented more firmly in place … and something precious and unique is lost.

Miss Perky and I really like the fact that more and more often these days it is these quiet voices who are the ones who are revealing the Truth in ways that a) can’t be denied or dismissed and b) can no longer be missed or swept under the carpet.  We recognize that their words and actions frighten the Same-Old, Same-Old factions whilst simultaneously encouraging the rest of us to stand up and say: “Kudos to you Brave Souls for your challenging journeys … for your refusal to be denied or destroyed by circumstances … and for your courageous actions and words.”

We’re not here to be like everyone else.  Life didn’t breathed life into us only to have us throw it away at the whim or opinion of a few … or many … whose desire for control and whose fear of change outweighs their common sense and Understanding.  “No” I say.  We are here to share the light of our Spirits … to illuminate often darkened roads … and to encourage others who may have become lost or trod upon … to Remember the awesome beauty of Life and themselves. It is time to turn on our Heart-Lights … to love those who choose to Remember and walk with us … and to wave a Non-Judgmental “Good-bye” to those who do not or cannot.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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2 Responses to Be You ~Turn on your Heart-light

  1. bookofmohs says:

    Heart lights, love the concept of this, gotta keep mine shining 🙂

    • 🙂 Absolutely! I believe that shining our own light is the best way to help others to shine theirs … words may or may not do it … but a great shine will always make a difference.

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