Crank up the volume and let your Heart-Song lead the way

“Be a Positive example ~let the volume of your Heart-Song be louder than the chaotic noise of the world.”… Susanne

 It used to be that the only news available was hysterical, negative and overdone … and whilst that is still often the case I have been pleasantly surprised recently to find more than a few uplifting stories sneaking in.  I am inspired by the large number of young people who are no longer willing to simply exist in a world that … up until now … has been run by the Same-Old, Same-Old crew … nor are they willing to be confined by aforementioned Crew’s same-old, same-old rules of conduct and thinking.  What a wonderful time of rebirth this is.

I love watching and listening and feeling the beauty of each person’s unfolding connection to both their Capital “S” Self and Capital “L” Life.  I am amazed at the multitude of ways that said individuals are finding to not only express their own Hearts songs … but also … the uplifting ways that they are coming together with other like-minded and “Hearted” people to produce awesome symphonies of loving, compassionate … but determined … change.

My search for aforementioned awesome Spirits and Hearts was made easier a few months ago when Miss Perky dragged a new pet home.  Being someone who’s always been a little nervous around dogs … even metaphoric ones … I wasn’t sure that this was going to work out.  It turns out though, that the little guy is a great “Song-hound” … and his specialty is sniffing out the awesome Spirits who are now coming out to play and make a difference in the world.  He and his best friend; Miss Perky, can regularly be seen dashing out the door in search of yet another inspiring Heart-song.

So … I’m cranking up the volume on my own Heart-song whilst simultaneously doing my best to make sure that it synchronizes with Life’s great harmony.  Sparky the Sound-Hound and Miss Perky are baying at the moon and laughing uproariously … and Ms Sunshine is wearing her brightest, most positive eyewear and matching accessories.  We are all a sight to behold … and to hear.  Fortunately Life is really accepting of each of our unique ways of expressing our Joy and drowning out the noise of the world … as it is with ALL of It’s creations … and that’s definitely a good thing!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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