Quantum Entanglement explains Manifestation – Who Knew!??!

“Quantum Physics tells us that we attract things because all of our little particles are already “entangled”. I find that to be very interesting.” Susanne

 New-agey people say: “You create your own reality”.   Religious doctrines state: “As above ~so below” and my mom would have said: “Like attracts like”.  Isn’t it interesting that science is finally catching up with all these wise little-phrases … in the form of Quantum Physics.

Now I am certainly not an expert in aforementioned science field by any stretch of the imagination.  However, I’m fascinated … and I figure if even Albert Einstein called Quantum Entanglement: “spooky action at a distance”… because entangled particles remain connected and anything done to one of them affects the other one … even over great distances … then it’s probably O.K. that I’m not totally clear about this stuff either.

You know why this really makes my brain-cogs speed up and smoke pour out of my ears?  It’s because I start to imagine … if Who-I-Truly-Am is actually more than just this cute little body … then maybe my Spirit particles are “spookily acting on me at a distance”.  And what really turns my crank is the thought that if that’s the case … then I can change anything in my life … I can manifest anything … because that great-big part me already knows how.  Wow!

Miss Perky thinks I’m a little slow on the uptake to have taken so long to discover this road … but Life just smiles and gives me one of Its big thumbs-up.  I’m back in the Celestial classroom and all of my entangled parts are loving it.  Today’s lesson is on vibrating nasty, old patterns out the door and replacing them with new happy entangled parts.  I figure I probably have a better than even chance of getting this particular lesson as Perky Polly and Sunshine Sue are currently running around the playground laughing and giggling with Life.  Well … got to run … it’s time to go leap into the fray and drag some of that inner sunshine and perk back down here … into the world… and into my life.

Arinaste Everybody (From my heart to your heart)



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