Happiness – the reality behind the stories

“When it comes to being happy only you can make the choice to step out of drama and leave the old stories behind.”… Susanne

 It’s been my observation that we all love a good story … that’s why movies are so popular and why a really, good book can be so loved, reread and shared with so many friends.  Now if our love of great stories … with all of their highs and lows … their loves and losses … and their (hopefully) happy endings … stayed within the realm of books and movies we’d be entertained and fine.  Unfortunately they usually don’t.

How many people gather around the real … or metaphoric … Water-Cooler to share little snippets of gossip … updates on office politics and shenanigans … or to just generally ooh and ahh over other people’s stuff?   Sure the doughnuts may be decent … the camaraderie may be a nice break from the mundane … but where is the realness in those interactions?

Like everybody Miss Perky and I love a great story.  We can often be found sitting, wide-eyed around a Celestial campfire losing ourselves in a really good one.  But when it’s time to return to the world … to function … to manifest … and to be happy in aforementioned world … we both know that it is time to leave our stories and our interpretations of people’s words and actions right where they belong … in the Land of Make-Believe.

We have discovered that when we try to run our world based on our imaginings of other people’s motives that things don’t go so well.  Sometimes we’re bang on in our assessment … other times not-so-much.  Capital “L” Life … being the excellent role model that It is … has patiently taught us that interactions based on surface stuff … more often than not … result in lots of misunderstandings and a dearth of Happiness.  So … these days when we meet people we’re working hard to a) look beneath the surface, b) dig deeper, c) shove stories out-of-the-way – no matter how interesting they may be, d) strive to Understand and then and only then d) Respond.  Seems to be working well so far!

Arinaste Everybody (from my heart to your heart)


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