The Happiness Rules

“In my search to find happiness and success I often overlooked the simplest answers: be present in each moment and love Life.” … Susanne

 It’s funny isn’t it … how everybody seems to have an opinion on what it takes to be happy.  Advertisers want you to believe that if you buy their products that everything will be peachy.  Religious institutions believe that if you think like them that your road to happiness will be guaranteed … and then there are the political animals.  I’m not really convinced that they give two hoots about how happy we actually are … as long as we’re all happy enough to vote for them the next time that their term is up.

In my search for happiness I often bought into the rhetoric that everyone was spewing.  I tried the face creams.  I enrolled at the gym.  I said the right things … and met the right people.  And you know what?  None of those things made me any happier than I was two seconds before I tried them!  Go figure!??!  It took a lot of years … even more observing and pondering … and finally one enormous journey with Life through Medical Crisis Land before I finally got it that if I’m not a) loving what I’m doing, b) happy with who I am and c) keeping my ears open for Capital “L” Life’s excellent suggestions … then my chances of spontaneously running across happiness are slim to nil.

These days I travel with great companions … some of whom walk the same paths I do … some who journey far and return when they can … and some of whom simply dance through my internal landscape with me.  I do my best to avoid those people who seem to be energetic black-holes … those whose first choice of expression is always miserable … and those for whom Miss Perky, Ms Sunshine, Capital “L” Life and I are a complete bother.   I’m loving my life and having a great time discovering the awesome synchronicities that Life keeps dropping onto my path.  Each Now is filled with smiles … both mine and Life’s … and we are all very happy campers.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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