Starting today: Happiness 101. Bring your smiles and wish lists.

“Pay no attention to people who tell you that your dreams can’t come true ~they’ve simply given up on theirs.” … Susanne

 There certainly does seem to be an over-abundance of nay-Sayers in the world these days.  Maybe they’ve always been here … trailing their little clouds of gloom … raining on parades … and dampening blankets willy-nilly.  Maybe I just never noticed them before because Miss Perky and I were so busy racing to keep ahead of them.  But these days … they’re really hard to miss!

Recently, Miss Perky and Capital “L” Life have had their heads together … a lot.  The Perky one has finally announced that she and Life are going to start a new course.  Apparently they have had quite enough of all this negativity and so they’re going to call their new program: “Happiness 101”.  The two of them have decided that … somewhere along the line … people have forgotten how to be happy … choose happiness … and even imagine what happiness looks like … hence the course.   When I asked where the Making-Dreams-Come-True course was they replied: “That‘s Level 2First things first”.

So … it looks like I’m going to be spending a lot more time … hand-in-hand with Ms. Sunshine … maintaining the appropriate level of sunshiny-bright Happiness … and being a living, breathing example.   Life has conscripted me into being one of the “tell-it-like-it-is” instructors.  It says that It can’t think of anyone more qualified.  Apparently my time spent in The Earth School has gifted me with the perfect qualifications for a position teaching: “How to leap pitfalls in a single bound” … Go Figure.

Well … I’m off to meet my first group of hopeful students.  I’m pretty positive that with Ms Sunshine, Miss Perky and Life by my side the class should be a roaring success … happiness should be erupting like lava from a volcano … and dream making will be just around the corner.  We’re just down the hall … out the far door … and underneath the big, shady tree in the park.  See you there!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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