Looking for the silver lining

“Buried in the heart of every experience is a lesson and a gift.” ... Susanne

I know a lot of people who are lost in the past … it’s like they’ve rented a condo there on a permanent basis.  Many of these people were good friends … some still are … they just live somewhere else in their heads and hearts now.  Their address is 123 Yesterday Road and it’s one that no car, bus, train or plane can reach.

As everybody is the product of an accumulation of experiences + the choices made both during and after said experiences … how is it that some of us see the gift that’s hiding out in the tough times whilst others see only the challenge?  Why do some of us remember yesterday’s lessonslive in today … and dream of a brighter tomorrow … whilst our sorrowful friends constantly replay yesterday’s experiences … see today through yesterday-tinted glasses … and despair of a brighter tomorrow?

I think that a part of the answer is that somewhere along the line we forgot that the greatest gift in every experience … good, bad or neutral … is the gift of uncovering Who-We-Truly-Are.  The bad stuff encourages us to haul out our Celestial John Deere tractors and dig deep inside. The good times reinforce our awesome Spirit’s ability to celebrate and the neutral ones are a nice chance to kick back and relax with Life.

Miss Perky is a great friend to have along on this amazing … sometimes challenging … but always exciting trip.  She could find the silver lining inside of a coal nugget!  Add in Ms Sunshine’s ability to spot a shiny present at 50 paces and …as you can imagine … finding the gifts that Capital “L” Life leaves scattered around is getting easier every day.  Well, looks like it’s time to go … the girls are on the run again and I see Life chuckling and hiding behind a big tree … sounds like Present-Time to me!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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