Learning to live in every Now

“When all is said and done … when the past is past … and the number of tomorrows is shrinking … we realize that all we have … all we have ever had … is Today.  I am grateful for each breath that I am blessed to take and for every friend who has crossed my path.” … Susanne

 Week after week everyone hears me talk about Perky Polly ~aka Miss Perky, and Sunshine Sue ~aka Ms. Sunshine.  My inner, bright and sparkly nature has been a part of my personality and inner world for as long as I can remember … so … often in the past it has been challenging for me to understand that everybody else doesn’t have this source of inner bubbliness.

A Follower of this blog wrote about some of their challenges and it is in response to this that I am writing today.  They said:  “Perky Polly and Sunshine Sue have seldom been in any part of my yesterdays or todays.  Maybe that’s why some of us have a harder time moving to a happier future, since very little in our past has given us the faith or hope to think that it can exist for us.   How do people like me find anything like your 2 helpers? ”

My response:

It’s not so much about feeling the parts of our nature as those they were separate … that’s just the way I talk and write.  I believe that what is really needed is a way to find … or forge … a connection to Now. … to allow every Now to be the new moment that it is.  All of us have had challenging times and experiences … some more than others.  In my life I have both observed and learned that if we keep replaying the injustices, wounds and fearful experiences over and over … through our words and/or thoughts that those feelings and experiences just keep getting recreated … in every single Now.

In every moment we have the ability to choose both how we think and what we focus on.  The girls are my way of reminding myself that I am a powerful creator and that if I choose to hang out with Melancholy Martha instead of Perky Polly that’s my right; however, my day will reflect my choice of inner companions.  In other words: we’ll all be generally miserable.  It’s not always easy to choose Ms Sunshine over Miss Melancholy … but it’s worth the effort and it’s like any new habit … it takes 30 days of consistently introducing new ways to boot the old ones out the door.

So  … the next time that Miss Melancholy drops by for a visit … and she probably will … sit her down for a spell … listen to her stories and drama for a bit … take a step back  and then escort her to the door … rather than subletting the spare room to her.  Miss Perky, Ms Sunshine, Capital “L” Life and the “whole gang” hope this helps a bit.  Don’t give up!  Keep doing your best to live in this moment … this Now … because realistically … yesterday is truly gone … tomorrow isn’t here yet and Today is really all we have.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying my friends


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