Create a joy-filled life ~wave goodbye to your limiting thoughts

“Suffering does NOT create joy. Joy creates joy. Be daring ~allow yourself to feel happiness even before a reason shows up.”… Susanne

A lot of people are spending their time searching for Happiness … like it’s one of last year’s mittens that got lost over the summer.  They try out different fitness regimes. They eat the “right” foods.  They say the politically correct things and they date the people of whom their families, friends and cohorts approve.  But I think that they’re missing the point.

“What is the point?” you ask.  Well for my money it’s that until they’re ready to let go of their death grip on control and find ways to feel happiness inside of themselves first… there ain’t nobody else going to do it for them!  I know people who have huge incomes and all of the toys that, that brings … and are they happy?  No they are not.  However, I’m not saying that you have to be poor to find The State either … ‘cause that would just be silly.

If it’s not money,  sex,  drugs or partners that bring Happiness to us then what the heck is it?  Well … it’s been my experience that my greatest Joy comes when I’m doing things that I lovespending time with like-minded and “hearted” souls … and working with my understanding that my inside world determines how my outside world will look.  I learned a long time ago that if I let Miserable May have a free rein on my inner landscape … all she does is create one heck of a big mess.

These days … during my transition to a new home … I am relearning the lesson that “Joy creates Joy”.  As I packed … and purged … and perused the internet in search of a nice-looking place … I found that… much to my shock and surprise … I had limitations galore. Who Knew!??!  Fortunately Capital “L” Life is always happy to help sweep aforementioned limitations out of the door at my request.  As the limits left my thoughts … and I started to imagine the Joy of living in my new home… the possibilities of awesome new homes magnified beyond belief!  Miss Perky is bouncing and Ms Sunshine is dancing.  It seems that we are going on a road trip … destination: a Joy-filled life.

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)


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