Power is your natural state and birthright

“Life’s not about learning to find your power it’s about learning to use it.” … Notes From the Universe

 We are born powerful Spirits in completely powerless bodies.  Our amazing Spirits are eager to walk through the world and experience.  We are a blank slate upon which we eagerly wait to write a new story … think a new idea … learn a new approach.  We come from energy and we land in the physical … and that’s when we forget.

We forget that we are not merely a reflection of the interesting beings to whom we have come.  We forget that what we see outside of ourselves is not us and that what we feel is simply a reaction to experiencing something brand new … whether that be a fabulously happy thing or … equally … a really negative thing.  And in our forgetting we become lost … bit-by-bit … to the beauty and awesomeness of Who-We-Truly-Are.

We have all been deceived.  We have been led to believe that everyone else knows what we need to do … be … believe … or feel … better than we do.  We have all been told … and swallowed whole … The Big Lie.  “What is The Big Lie?” you ask.  It is the story that we are nobody important … nothing significant … and that the key to our unfolding is a Big, Universal Secret … that lies outside of ourselves.

“Well”  I Say: “Enough of that foolishness!”  It may have taken me a lot of years to get my Internal Lie Detector re-calibrated … but now that I have it is shouting: “No.  No.  No.” every time someone tries to lead me off of my True path.  I think that it must be emitting a hum in the background of my life because I’ve noticed that ever since I got the darn thing working correctly a lot fewer people are trying to stick their oar in my water … which of course gives me tons-o-time to get reacquainted with my Spirit … to hear my own Heart  … and to re-learn how to be Capital “M” Me right here in the world.  And that … I believe …is what reclaiming my power is all about.

Arinaste Everyone (from my heart to your heart)



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2 Responses to Power is your natural state and birthright

  1. Hey Capital M, this is a good post! Inspiring, too. Thanks!

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