To make a big change ~change your inside world

“It’s not what the world does or doesn’t do that makes or breaks our day ~it’s what we decide to do about it inside that makes the difference.” … Susanne

 I think that pretty much everybody can say that at some point or another they’ve had less than wonderful experiences … in fact some of those experiences may have been downright unpleasant … and some might even have been really nasty!  Nothing that we can do today or in this moment can change that.  As far as I am aware no-one has invented a time machine and magic wands are right on the edge of extinction.  So what is a person to do?

I can’t go back and make it so that I never fought against cancer.  I can’t return to the moment before my son died and move him 6 inches to the right.  Sad Sally can’t go back and not hear the hurtful things that her mom and dad said and Frustrated Frank can’t undo the abuse that he suffered at the hands of his dad … but what we can all do is make a choice.  We can choose to keep resurrecting the past … to keep pulling it up ~in our memories and in our present moments or we can choose to say: “That was then … and this is now and I refuse to let Mom/Dad/abuser/Insert-person-here own and affect even one more second of my life.”

Henry Ford said: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t … you’re right either way.”  Way back in the early 1900’s he understood that his inside world determined how his outside world would look … and he hadn’t even read “The Secret”!  Miss Perky … who is a lot more assertive than you might imagine … says that if we keep running what other people have done or said … over and over in our minds … then they win.  She also says that every moment in which we focus on the awesome connection to our Heart … that Capital “L” Life has gifted every single person with … is a winning moment and that’s what her goal is.  I like that.  I think that I’ll adopt that goal and stick it way up in the #1 slot on my To-Do list … because ultimately “it’s not what the world does or doesn’t do that makes or breaks my day ~ it’s what I decide to about it inside (of me) that makes the difference.”

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone.



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2 Responses to To make a big change ~change your inside world

  1. Great, Great Post! Not to mention total truth! May your day be Grand!

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