Celebrating Life and growing on the Hard Road

“Sometimes the days bring us exactly what we want. Other times we end up with what Capital “L” Life knows we need. No matter which it is … in each experience there is a chance to learn … a chance to change … and a chance to become more than we were before.” … Susanne

It would be nice if every time we asked for something it was magically presented to us.  Life would certainly be a lot easier … and in the short run a lot more rewarding.  The problem I have with this wonderful, imaginary world is that … much as I hate to admit it … some of my best lessons came through the hardest of times.  And some of the greatest gifts that Capital “L” Life gave me were a denial of my begging and pleading.  As Garth Brooks once sang: “Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers.”

Like everyone who has fought and survived extreme circumstances I would certainly have preferred NOT to have had to endure them.  During my travels I often said to myself: “Well Self that certainly wouldn’t have been my first choice of things to do.”  But then … of course … I had to laugh … because I was doing it.  There I was learning … and changing … and growing … and apparently tripping and stumbling down aforementioned Hard Road … thankfully with Life at my side.

Lots of good things happened on the Hard Road.  I met amazing people.  People who came into any sort of prolonged contact with me transformed.  I lost my self-consciousness.  I learned that if I wasn’t fighting for my life … it was all small stuff. And lastly … the lessons I learned out there on The Road … set me up to share my compassionate Heart and my Joyful Spirit easily with others.  Gosh darn … it seems that Life knew what it was doing after all.  Who knew!??!

So … these days I still love to ask for things …to dream …and to share said dreams with Life.  Miss Perky still gets really excited at the thought of dreams-come-true and Ms Sunshine still keeps a pair of Eagle Eye Binoculars around her neck to catch any signs of said dreams.  The best news is that we have all learned that Life loves it when we keep our excitement … whilst simultaneously allowing It to enact Its own plans for us … plans with interesting twists and turns … and plans that produce results that are even better than our best dreams.  I’ve got to run … the girls are off and bouncing.  Apparently Ms Sunshine has spotted some big dreams arriving on the horizon … and Life is smiling in anticipation.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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3 Responses to Celebrating Life and growing on the Hard Road

  1. A.D. Everard says:

    Very nice. Very true. 🙂

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