Free yourself. Say “No” to limitations.

“Capital “L” Life has no boundaries. Let in Its abundance. Let go of your self-imposed limits.” … Susanne

Everybody has a million reasons why … why their ideas didn’t work … why things haven’t gone right for them in the past … not to mention why things still aren’t going right for them.   Most people believe that all of the reasons for their lack of a happy life come from outside of themselves … and yet … ultimately … the big determining factor … in fact the only factor that counts lies inside of them … in their ability or lack thereof to plot a different course and to make different choices.

No matter what happened yesterday … no matter how mean or abusive or downright horrible someone was in our lives … we need to be able to ask ourselves a couple of very important questions … “Are the people who did us wrong yesterday still perpetrating the same indignities upon us today?” …  If the answer to that question is “Yes” then the next question is : Why ??? … If the answer is  “No”  … then that begs the question: “Then why are we recreating the same old drama … through someone new???”

We humans are funny, wee beings.  We love our comfort zones … even when they’re “Un-comfortable” zones.  My mother used to say: “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”  Thanks Mom for illustrating my point for me.  Like my mom; most people hate to change … especially their minds … but life is all about change.  And nothing about Capital “L” Life ever stays the same … ever watch the weather or the night sky?  I rest my case.

As far as I’ve been able to tell Life has no boundaries or limits; and unlike us humans … clinging desperately to our familiar, old walls  … built brick by brick of all of our limiting beliefs … It loves to experience new, fun and exciting things.  It’s been my experience that It also loves to share aforementioned fun times and smiles with us!  So … the way I figure it is … if Life has zero limits … and if It is willing and excited about dropping new, awesome experiences onto my path … who am I to say no!??!  I’m waving a firm goodbye to my old Self-limiting beliefs and opening my arms wide to welcome in Life’s unlimited abundance … It’s time to  let the good times roll!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying everyone


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10 Responses to Free yourself. Say “No” to limitations.

  1. cnmill says:

    Very good points.

    A lot of times, the thing holding most people back in life is themselves.
    Sure, there are the walls in the way, but all walls can be broken down with varying degrees of effort.

    • Hi cnmill! I agree completely … everybody has the choice to maintain their limiting “walls” … build them even higher … or to bring in the Celestial Demolition Crew and and dismantle them. As with all things in life … the choice is ours. I am very blessed in that a combination of tough circumstances in life + my inner Perky Polly & Sunshine Sue + an awesome connection to Life … have led me to be virtually “Wall-less” … and I have to tell you the view has never been better. I am a very happy camper. Wishing you an awesome day and many Positive Life-inspired synchronicities on your Self-Publishing path. 😀

  2. A.D. Everard says:

    What a brilliant outlook!


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