Open every door – Live life full out

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.” …  Flora Whittemore

I see so many people walking around the world confined within a mental hallway that is lined with locked doors.  Perhaps it is past experiences that convinced them that this was a wise place to be.  Perhaps it’s current instability that makes them think that the straight-and-narrow is a safer road to walk … or perhaps it’s simply that they don’t realize that every door that they slam shut is yet another entry point that they have cut off for Capital “L” Life.

If I’ve learned anything through the trying times it’s that the more doors that I fling open … no matter how scary or unknown the landscape on the other side may be … the greater the opportunity is for Life to prosper me.  If on the inside of me I am shut down … defensive … and have armed guards posted at all the entry points … then the my outside world is going to reflect this back to me in the form of hostile strangers … derisive family … and multiple opportunities to take someone out at the knees.

I’m really tired of all that mental martial arts.  I have come to the point where I’d much rather sit on a metaphoric … or real … park bench and talk and listen until I Understand where the other person is coming from.  I can always stand up and walk away if their inner world is too alien to me … but at least I will know that I have given them … and through them Life … an opportunity to deepen the experiences of my own life.

I consider myself pretty lucky.  Miss Perky is the ultimate dock-jumper … shouting “Geronimo” long before she checks to see if there’s any water in that lake … trusting to Life to catch her before she splats … and laughing uproariously the whole time that she’s in the air. I’ve learned … through my ongoing exposure to both her and my late son … that life is meant to be lived … and further that it’s to be lived full-out.  So … these days … if a door is closed I tend to peek through the keyhole to see if we should be on the other side of it.  If someone says: “You can’t” my response is “Watch me” … and when Life puts out Its big hand and asks: “Shall we jump?” … my response is a firm and loud: “Whoo-Hoo!!!!”

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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