Love ~Our natural birthright

“Believe that you are worth it and love will beat a path to your door and demand to stay.” … Susanne

 A great many sad and despondent people have spent a great deal of time and effort to convince the rest of the world that we have to act right … talk right …  and think right if we want to be loved.  Ultimately it doesn’t matter whether they act this way because they were trained by unhappy and lonely people themselves … or because their inner wounds are so deep that they continually ooze bitterness, pain and resentment … or whether it’s because they just don’t know any other way to behave … if we continue to listen to … and believe their patter … then we are the ones who lose.

 I think that it’s sad that so many people currently feel unworthy of being loved.  As children … as new souls toddling around the world … we all know that both giving … and receiving … love is our natural birthright.  Somewhere between there and here that wonderful certainty is lost and our beautiful loving natures are subverted … and now … in this moment … and in this time … the only one who can do anything about changing these circumstances and beliefs is ourselves.

 Every day is a new day and within it are contained all kinds of possibilities and potential.  Today is the day during which any one of us can make the decision to finally put down the heavy backpack of woes and wounds that we have been schlepping around all these years … and move on.  And; whilst it is often scary to move into a new life … a new way of being … and a new way of thinking … and further … to, often, do it alone … the rewards are astronomical.

It took me a long time … but I’m finally getting it that this new life and way of being that I am experiencing is … in actuality … a return to my True Self.  Remember the aforementioned natural, loving state in which we arrive? … well … Life is helping me to discover that it never really went away … it just got all covered over with messy bits from this lifetime.  Now that the Celestial Clean-up Crew and I have a long-term leasing arrangement it is getting easier and easier to let the loving parts of me shine.  And it is a happy fact-of-my-life that the more I shine the better I feel … and the better I feel … the more love and joy show up on my doorstep demanding a place to stay.

 Godspeed and Joyful Journeying everyone


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