Don’t look back ~you’re not going that way

“If you’re always looking down all you’re going to see is your feet.  Look up and be in awe at the breadth and depth of the world around you.” Susanne

I hardly ever read the news.  In my defense I do have the headlines dumped into my e-box once a day so that I’m not completely out of touch with the world.  However; when it comes to listening to noisy networks bleating out their opinions 24-7-365 … and calling it news … I’m just so not there!   I’m also not a huge fan of the current trend to sensationalize everything.  Just once couldn’t we simply have the straight facts and  make up our own minds about them … without all of the spin?

It’s no wonder to me that people wander around the world looking down all of the time.  Everyone … from politicians to news reporters … from teachers to religious leaders … from bosses to friends-at-the-bar … are drowning in fear and worry and the end result is that they are unable to hold their heads up and see the light of day  …  and it is often such a beautiful day …

I believe that it’s time to drag our eyes skyward and start truly appreciating what we have.  This is about more than simply having an “Attitude of Gratitude” … it’s about rediscovering the beauty that lies both outside of ourselves … and within.  It’s time to stop listening to the naysayers … and start turning up the volume on our own Heart-Song.  

 I’m willing to admit that perhaps it’s easier for me to be appreciative of things as Miss Perky is constantly jumping up and down and oohing and ahhing in excitement.  However, I do believe that everyone can relearn this most basic and childlike of attributes …  after all it is something that we are born with.  All it takes is a little practice… a pair of Ms Sunshine’s snazzy “Keep-your-Eyes-Focused-Forward” glasses  … and perhaps a wee bit of discipline.  As Mary Englebreit said: “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.” I would simply add: “Lift your head.  Look up and look forward … ’cause that’s where all of the good stuff is happening.”

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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