Take back your power. Create your own happiness.

Take back your power.  Create happiness within you first and then watch as it blooms and grows in the world around you.” … Susanne

It seems to me that we have become a society of “Godots”.  We’ve been trained to wait for happiness to be hand delivered in a pretty package with a bow on top and it’s been my experience that, that just very seldom happens.  Somewhere along the line … between childhood and here … we developed a misunderstanding, then we adopted it as the truth … and the end result was … and is … that we are constantly waiting and looking outside of ourselves for the aforementioned Happiness-Present to arrive.

I really love watching children.  For me they personify so many of the natural gifts with which Capital “L” Life graces us … and watching them reminds me of how much we have changed and forgotten.  The good news is that as we arrived on Earth’s doorstep with Happiness, Enthusiasm and Love firmly in hand we have only to strap on our Celestial Hardhats … grab our emotional pick axes and shovels … dig deep within ourselves and unearth them. Then … voila … there will be the seeds of a happy day … needing only our attention and care … to blossom once more.

No-one can give us happiness.  It’s kind of like money … you have to have some first to make more.  I know quite a few desperately, unhappy people and the sad thing is that every single one of them has come to believe that other people are spoiling their chances at happiness.  They seem to have forgotten that … like all of us … they and they alone have the ultimate power to determine whether or not they allow the Happiness-Squashers to take up permanent residence in their lives or give them a polite boot out of the door.

It took me a lot of years to figure out that last one!  The good news is that now, not only do I have a great set of excavation tools in my metaphoric tool shed … I also have some awesome traveling companions.  Now that Miss Perky, Ms. Sunshine & I are so inseparable we’re attracting in all kinds of great experiences and people.  I must confess that some days it’s a little challenging to see the flowers in amongst all of the poop … but the girls and I have learned to be patient … and Life never fails to leave us clapping our hands in delight at the surprising ways in which It co-creates positive outcomes with us … no matter what doubts the world may have had to the contrary.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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