You are already perfect

“You do NOT need to be fixed.                                                                                               In Life’s eyes you are perfect just as you are.                                                                  The next step is learning to accept yourself.” … Susanne

Everybody has an opinion.  We all have ideas about how things could go better … for ourselves … for those who we care about … for those whom we don’t … and for the world in general.  We all have opinions.  In the end though … everyone’s opinions don’t really hold any weight whatsoever … because the only one that really counts is the one that we almost never listen to.

You know the one that I’m talking about.  It’s that small voice that whispers in the pre-dawn hours about the great things that we could do in the upcoming day.  It’s the joyful feeling that arises when we contemplate doing the things that we love … and it’s the quiet voice that cries in the dark because no-one appreciates it … or us.  The only voice … and the only opinion … that truly counts is the voice that comes straight from Life to our Hearts and ears.  I call mine Perky Polly … but it doesn’t matter what you call your own inner voice … all that matters is that you find a way to heed it.

Now I happen to know that everyone has a Perky Polly or Patrick within them … some of them may be buried under a pretty big pile of accumulated rubbish … but they are there nonetheless.  Happily some of us have inner voices that are anywhere from a little to a lot louder than the world around us.  And do you know why our bouncy, inner selves are so loud?  It’s because for one reason or another we learned that no-one knows what will work best for us … but us … and we decided to tune out the background noise and turn up the volume of Life … aka Mr. or Miss Perk.

It has been my experience that Capital “L” Life really doesn’t hold many … if any … negative feelings about how, when or even if we do things.  It simply hangs out loving us … holding space for us to find a way to love ourselves … and clapping enthusiastically when we finally do.  Maybe it’s because Life has such a long view of things … maybe it’s because It has infinite patience … or maybe it’s because in Its jumbo-sized mind we’re already perfect … whatever the reason for Its awesome acceptance I … for one … am really happy about the non-judgmental thing that It has going on.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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    Thank you for sharing!

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    God bless you

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