Release the Past & Create a New Tomorrow

“There is no better time to begin building a happier life than right now.” … Susanne

I think that it’s a pretty safe bet to say that not too many people have reached this stage of life … whatever stage that may be for you … without some form or degree of challenge occurring.  I also think that it’s a pretty safe bet to say that probably the majority of aforementioned people are still schlepping said challenging experiences around with them in a great, big, metaphoric backpack.  I believe that it’s well past time for all of us to give our ratty, old suitcases and backpacks … full of old “stuff” … to the universal Recycling Center!

There’s no doubt that some people have had a harder emotional time of it than others.  No-one is going to argue that some people have had a significantly harder physical row to hoe than other people.  And … it’s true that some lives are just more chock-a-block full of tragedy and misfortune than others.  However … I believe … that the historical facts of a life do not need to continue to be the defining criteria for Now … or for the future … unless we allow them be.

Have you ever noticed how some people not only allow the past to continue to pave the road into tomorrow … they positively encourage it to?  I think that these people truly believe that if they keep bringing up yesterday and throwing it onto the road of today …  that it will validate why they aren’t moving on down the highway.  Unfortunately all it does is chuck great big rocks onto the path … thus creating even more obstacles around which they have to navigate.

So … if dragging the past into today isn’t the way to move forward … what is?  Well … recently Miss Perky, Ms. Sunshine and I have been volunteering our time at one of Life’s Universal Recycling Stores. For the longest time stock was pretty low … but ever since Life started Its new advertising campaign: “Lose the Past – Create a New Tomorrow” there have been a lot more people dropping off their old “stuff”.  It’s always wonderful and exciting to see how light and happy they are afterwards.  We love watching them dance out of the door … sometimes with empty hands and packs … and sometimes with some brand new, shiny building blocks.  Come on down and visit us … there is something here for everybody … and if you really want to start building that happier life … Capital “L” Life would be tickled pink to relieve you of any … and all … old baggage that is no longer useful.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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