You are the source of your success

“Other people’s belief is not required for your success ~only yours is.” … Susanne

 Now don’t get me wrong … I love all of the motivational/self-help stuff that is available on the market and net these days.  I think that it’s awesome that so many people are looking …and so many people are providing … myself included.  The “but” comes along because whilst so many people are looking … so many of them are looking everywhere but inside of themselves.

When we’re first trying to figure out how to accumulate some of the self-esteem that “The Experts” are talking about it is natural to look for mentors … people whose approach to life seems to us to make them more successfulmore happy … more loved … or just more.  It’s cool that … just as each person needs to hear the Truth expressed in a way that makes sense to them … that there are that many different modes of expressing aforementioned Truth for them to listen to and learn from.

Each time we move on to a new mentor … or a new way of looking at the world … we make that move as a slightly new person.  Ideally we heal up … and clean up … some of our war-torn inner landscape at each stage and ideally we leave behind … like old, worn out toys … the patterns and ways of being that no longer fit who we are becoming. With each turn of the wheel … with each spin of the clock … and with each day that passes … we become freer to choose to become more than we allowed others to convince us we were.

Everybody has … and has always had an opinion about us.  What I have learned is that unless that opinion is coming from Capital “L” Life it probably isn’t something to which I should be paying more than a cursory amount of attention.  It took the Celestial Clean-up Crew and I a long time to get my inner landscape to look more like a park than a war zone.  Once we did I realized that I had all of the road signs in there that I could ever need to point me in the right direction.  So … these days Miss Perky and I spend our time exploring new paths … leaving encouraging Post-It notes on trees for other sojourners … and just generally enjoying the ride.  It turns out that we didn’t need all of that advice from well-meaning family, friends and/or strangers … we only needed to listen to … and believe in … ourselves.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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