What are your foundations?

“Our lives are based on our foundational beliefs. Like a house built on sand if our foundations are shaky we need to sweep them away and start again.” Susanne

There is nothing like trying to find a new house to live in to really point out what your foundations are made of.  No matter how much healing you’ve done … no matter how many layers that you’ve cleared out and no matter how much debris the Celestial Clean-up Crew has helped you to haul away … looking to change one’s place of residence very quickly points out any and all pebbles, rocks, tree branches or general mess that you’ve missed.

Our foundations are made up of the lessons that we plucked out past experiences … the good (or not-so-good) interactions that we shared with others … and our perceptions from way back when we were children … of why-things-are-the-way-that-they-are and what … if anything … we can do about that.  Our little kid eyes watch everything.  Our little kid ears take in everything that we hear.  And our little kid brains process it all and then cast those ideas into the concrete of “belief”.

These last couple of weeks I have had the dubious privilege of jack-hammering apart those childhood concrete blocks … releasing misunderstandings and encrusted old self-doubts … and donating bags and bags of really old What-If’s to the Universal Recycling Center.  Miss Perky is breathing a huge sigh of relief.  She says that all of that noise and water-works were starting to really strain her ability to maintain her Perk.  I get that!  Thankfully … judging by the positive shifts in my house hunting results … I think that my new path may finally be ready to begin.  Capital “L” Life is smiling.  Miss Perky is giggling again.  Ms Sunshine is importing a caseload of snazzy, new eyewear … and me … well … I’m looking forward to building my exciting new life.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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4 Responses to What are your foundations?

  1. What a wonderful analogy! Just the thought that we can move houses or maybe at the least clean them is so inspirational! Thank you. 🙂

    • Thanks Patti! I love the analogy of our lives being like houses as well … it lets me feel more comfortable with the changes that Life seems determined to keep sharing with me. It will be interesting to see what color palette It picks out this month! 😉

  2. So true! I too have been inspecting my foundations over the past few weeks. I’m finding it to be quite revealing and therapeutic. I pray you are through with the hard work of “jack hammering” and are ready to pour the new foundation. May it be smooth and polished so you can enjoy your smile as you perform the happiest of dances on it. I so enjoyed this writing. It left me with a smile and a peaceful heart.

    • Hi Hester! Thank you for sharing … sometimes those old beliefs and thoughts are pretty entrenched and well buried. I’m always surprised when another limiting belief leaps up to be acknowledged! Hopefully most of the jack-hammering is done … now we’re waiting for the Celestial Clean-up Crew to arrive with the dumpsters and cart away the old stuff. Miss Perky and I are doing our Happy Dance around and through the pile … bidding the old ways a fond farewell … welcoming in the new … and giving thanks to Life for such an awesome journey. Wishing you a great day. Susanne ♥

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